Friday, March 25, 2011

Gadget Free, yes. Family Fun, hmmm?

Miss P and I had quite the interesting night last night. E was home rooting on his alma mater in the basketball tourney, and I was finishing up some work (as I'll have a full house in room 2 today), with P by my side. I decided I wanted to go to our school board meeting, as there are a bunch of big issues right now, and teachers on staff were speaking. The plan - rush P home and then rush back to meeting. Well P talked me in to taking her to eat at Carl's Jr. instead, and then taking her to the board meeting. We would just stay an hour to show support. P had stuff to read. Hmm..well, oK, could be an interesting experience.

Ugh. We went to Carl's Jr by school. I am known for getting fountain diet cokes there when I need a lift, which is often. I am usually there at lunch. The dinner crowd is Halloween scary. You know the signs that say 'No loitering,' in the fast food places? Or the ones that state that state there is a 30-minute time limit? These signs were made for the characters that were there. Paige was hiding. Now this is an OK looking Carl's Jr. in a decent area near our school. This is not a graffiti covered corner. At one point, the restroom door opened and a homeless woman came out dragging all of her stuff and left out the side door. I think she snuck in to freshen up? Then, as we were leaving, another bedraggled woman stopped to ask if I was a social worker and if I could help her get to LA.
???? This is what happens when you don't make good choices, P!

On to the board meeting. I was very bored, as the beginning was a lot of long-winded discussion about redevelopment agencies. P, on the other hand, was fine, showing off for her future possible teachers by reading her chapter books contentedly. We were seated in between two other kinder teachers (go, team!), one of which was P's teacher last year, and who spoke. After reading, P, her former teacher, and I played hangman, and then she and I drew cartoons. Low tech fun! After two hours, the 'public' finally got to speak, and as we aren't allowed to clap, we did goofy elementary school 'silent cheers,' to root our own. We have some rock star teachers. P almost did not want to leave the meeting. ????

We got home late, and I am hoping that P can hold it together for a friend's big sleepover birthday party tonight. What a stellar parenting night for me -- Carl's Jr with the freaks, and the a past bedtime board meeting , I really am top mom, don't you think?

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Hilary said...

I tried to get Drew to go to the board meeting but he said it would be too depressing.
Quite possibly....
I'd like to hear more about what was said though.
LOve our Pondy teachers. :)