Wednesday, March 9, 2011

(Almost) Gadget-Free Family Fun

Monday is game night at our house. This past week I pulled out a game I had purchased a few years ago for high-level kindergartners. It didn't quite work out in a classroom setting, so I had stashed and forgot about it. Recently, I rediscovered it in my cabinet and brought it on home - it is perfect to play with a first grader!

This post is titled 'almost' gadget free, as you can see there is a kind of gadget! Three letter word cards are spread out, each with just one letter already filled in. Players take turns sliding forward the gizmo to reveal two letters. Players scan the word cards and see if they can make a word using the two tiles provided and any of the letters on a word card. It was a little harder than you think (you never know how many vowels or consonants you'll get).

I recommend for a word-loving families!

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