Monday, April 19, 2010

A 'sweet' spring break day

Last Friday we enjoyed a leisurely morning before heading to Gilroy Gardens where we enjoyed a mellow afternoon of rides and park play from 2:00 - 5:00. In the a.m., while I cozied and finished the book Lift, Miss P concocted a plan. A special treat to be specific. She has been super into making books (everything from mini-books using post it notes to pop-up books with 3-d figures). Anyway, this day she sketched a plan for a desert involving 'waffle style' pretzel crackers, pretzel sticks, a piece of chocolate, and marshmallows. See results below.

So our plan became: Gilroy Gardens, quick trip to the store for indgredients, late-ish dinner, then we all watched Secret of the Mountain (nbc family movie - little old for P, but she stuck with it), and built/ate our treats during commercials. Very fun night!

Trip to Gilroy Gardens...
she has 'posing' down.

My version of our treat below. It was harder than we expected. Then again, I'm all thumbs!

P and E had a harder time. Not sure what that is. However, P was so pleased with it, she saran-wrapped it up and placed it in our fridge. No eating the (uuhh) masterpiece!

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