Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Break and a new blog!

I've been on spring break for a lovely week, and just have not been in the mood to blog! I've enjoyed reading blogs, and have thought of tons of things to blog about, but the one time I chose to sit down and actually bang out a post, I was blocked.

Not so tonight. But first - a quick catch-up - for all that may be eager to know what I've been up to (you, mom).

Speaking of mom, we had a very nice kick off to the break at her new retirement resort. Over two days we lounged, hung out at the indoor pool, ate, drank, played games and watched a movie. Uber relaxing! Upon arriving home Sunday night we toyed with doing another overnight somewhere - Monterey, San Francisco, Palm Springs? Road trip?? But ultimately decided to stay home, work a little on the house and lay low. We had a pretty great week - Happy Hollow Zoo, Gilroy Gardens, some playdates for P, some entertaining of friends for us, finally signed P up for swim lessons, and made tentative summer plans, got Dr. appt out of the way, cooked, cleaned, exercised, and read. E was thrilled that we finally hung our new big, flat screen TV (cue Heavenly music!) We've arrived!

I tend to sloth around when I have lots of downtime, and then feel frustrated that I didn't accomplish enough. So as the break comes to a close, I found myself revving up full gear tonight. I have been just itching to do something about my health - desire to exercise and eat healthy. Remember my cooking focused New Year's Resolution? I haven't forgotten it, but moving again did throw me off. I've been getting back on the wagon and will report about it soon.

I am very habits-focused and right now my habits are all about eating/drinking chocolate in order to pysch myself up for the morning push or the afternoon slump. However, tonight I think I came up with a plan that may finally work. It involves family support and actually holding myself accountable. I even started a new blog for it: The Riley's Food Revolution. Check it out!

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