Friday, April 23, 2010

Goal Update

So a quick update on my new year's resolution cooking challenge and my 'workout poll.'

My current cooking goals are to find more lunches that I like that contain protein. Here's a simple one: Slice up cooked chicken with a cup of chopped celery, half a tbsp of mayo, and some sliced grapes. Mix together and you've got a tasty, easy little chicken salad. I have to say, though, it feels like it is missing something. A friend has made this, and it was better. Another alternative is to do tomatoes instead of celery.

And of course, I'm doing my fruit and vegetable challenge. See here. (And currently failing miserably!)

Good news. I opted to do morning workouts as the afternoons just weren't happening. It's been actually easier than I thought, partly due to my personal trainer, Jillian. (She's never met me, but I see her every week on Biggest Loser.) I visualize her responses to my excuses and/or lame attempts, and she gets me going. Anyway, I've been running and walking and am sooo sore. Good sign, right?

Is anyone else keeping up with their resolutions? Updates?


Hilary said...

So, are you doing the Jillean workout, or just visulizing her?
Way to go either way!

Preppy 101 said...

Suggestion on the chicken salad = add some lemon juice {fresh} to the mayo, then mix. Makes a world of difference in the taste. Not my idea. You can thank Paula Deen. xoxo

Deb said...

Sliced almonds are wonderful in that chicken salad also.

LAM said...

I added some honeyed walnuts.

Life is what you make it said...

Honeyed walnuts! Lorrie that's what I'm remembering!! Thanks for the tips, everyone, I'll try them.