Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is a bad...

....even for us! Was the quote of the weekend!

We celebrated E's birthday last Friday night at a good friend's house. They had kind of a 'Pearl Jam' theme, as that E's all-time favorite band. The backyard was set up very cute with lights strung over the tables. Very early Autumn evening dinner al fresco. Anyway.....our one job was to bring the food.

A friend had brought P over for a playdate after school. I was just fried. Our plan was for me to get P, E to get the drinks, and for us to meet at home, order the food, and the pick it up together (still hot) and bring it over. I know, bad wife, I should have done it all, (seeing that it was E's birthday celebration), but I have been pretty zapped some days due to issues at school.

So, after some false starts and stops, (we hemmed and hawed about the food and decided to get individual meals for the 8 people), we finally were in en route to our friends' house...when.....E realizes he forgot to order meals for 2 of the guests! We are already later than planned, with the last guests showing up in about half an hour. This is where the quote came in - "This is bad....even for us!" (Meaning this is worse than our normal semi-lame-ness.) We got to the party and I dropped off E and P and quickly headed back out to the food joint's second location to get the other two meals. All's well that ends well.

This week continues to be bad - even for us! I won't even share Sunday's craziness (which was fun and turned out OK - but I'm too embarrassed to post). On a good note, I am (in my humble opinion) rocking my conferences! I am very organized and prepared, and I think (again, in my humble opinion), really impressing the parents! However, I have a big scary one this morning (if family attends) involving a whole team of people. I have to bring P with me to school super early - her teacher kindly offered to allow her into the classroom. This week there is a different person picking her up every day, sometimes multiple people (Person A picks her up, then person B collects her from person A). P handles it great. We are very blessed to have so many good people to help out!

In other crazy news: we have a buyer and the clock is ticking! We have to be 'outta here' by November 8th. We think we have an interim place to move. Cross your fingers for us!

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Hilary said...

Oooo, don't peak our interests about what happened on Sunday!?
Let me know if you ever need to bring P over here. Really, we'd be happy to take her.
Your blog made me hungry.
Must go eat.
And everyone's kids are shafted during the PTC conference weeks. We're all just trying to make it through. :)