Friday, October 30, 2009

Look I'm loving for Autumn

At tonight's school Halloween Carnival, I saw a fashion 'look' that inspired me. I've been tooling around with this 'fashion' post in my head all week, and finally decided to come home tonight and do it, despite the fact that I'm beat and have a long day tomorrow. Ahhh...the things I'll do for the blog. Anywhoo...

I have a hard time usually defining my fashion style, but here is what I've been loving. Well-fitting simple tops in a neutral shade (black, white, charcoal), dark jeans, and ballet flats. Then, I throw on an eye-catching necklace, or a well-tied scarf, and wa-lah! I have my look. I may also add either a headband or earrings (but never both), as an extra touch.

The woman I ran into tonight (a parent at school) was wearing the following: dangling, super cute earrings (from Chico's - the store E and I make fun of!), hair back in low pony, black tank top, long fitted black cardigan, cute nicely tied gray scarf, dark jeans, and simple flats. It inspired the collection above.

I don't look as polished as I'd like every day (far from it). I've only just realized the proper respect that accessories deserve. : ) Spread the word...I think this will make birthday and Christmas shopping for me much easier.

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Hilary said...

So, are you saying that my "look" from last night did not inspire you? :)