Friday, October 23, 2009

First homework assignment

P receives her homework assignments on Monday, and then they are due the following Monday. (So us parental working folks have extra time on the weekend to assist in the completion.) So, when do you think P completed her first assignment? Sunday, the day before, of course, keeping in the great tradition of students before her. She got to choose from an array of activities and decided to learn her address and draw her home with the house number visible. She did a beautiful job, adding the welcome mat and the pumpkin on the porch, and filling in all the background space.

We are more on top of it this week. P has already begun her homework (woot woot!) which involves collecting various buttons, counting and sorting them. Good thing, too, as she is home today with a high fever. Sadly, this forced mellow PJ day is one of the best times I've had all week!

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debra said...

I think homework is just meant to be a last minute thing no matter how hard we try!

Love the Starbucks in the picture!