Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy/Sad and a Milestone

It's a weekend of firsts for Miss P. She's been invited by another family in her class to attend a play at the Sunnyvale Children's Theater, and then have a home playdate after. This is the first time she's gone anywhere like this without E or I. (We have seen one show before together - Beauty and the Beast, so at least I'm not missing the first theater experience.) Up until now, all of our playdates and outings have been with us in attendance, or P's been with our really close friends or grandparents. The family is really sweet, and as a teacher, I kind of have 'the goods' or the history on a lot of the families, so I feel safe and comfortable. Just a little sad she is growing up.

And then tomorrow, another 'big leagues' moment - she's been invited to her first 'drop off' birthday party. Yikes. I'm thinking I might offer to stay and help the mom. I'd love to observe all the little girls in the class cavorting about. I drop by their lunch table everyday, and now they are primed waiting for me. The English learners shouting 'mom of Paige!' 'mom of Paige!' or 'Paige Mom' 'Paige Mom!' I'm so glad that I know all the kids and they know me. I had planned to be volunteering regularly before I went full-time. (I will do my first volunteer stint this Fri - yay!)

Some more happy and sads:

*Happy it is the weekend!

*Sad E is proctoring an exam today.

*Happy some friends have offered to come over and help pack!

*Sad that I still feel kind of overwhelmed.

*Happy that I know that feeling will pass!

*Ooh, and Happy that Hilary at Pulling Curls gave the blog some love. :)

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Hilary said...

Awh... the first drop-off parties.
And yes, having the goods on parents is mucho important.