Thursday, October 1, 2009

October thoughts

As usual, I am running around with my head cut's some of what's been keeping me busy-

1) Old House/New House stuff - E has actually been taking care of all of this stuff. God Bless him! My role is 'listening' to the monologue of details at the end of the night as I try to keep my eyes open. Sometimes, we are in a total role reversal, and he is the 'wife.' We had a buyer come to see our place on Wednesday - which happened to be E's birthday, so he had the day off. His birthday gift to himself was to stay home and clean the house from top to bottom and then show it. What a guy! He's also had appointments to select options for our new place. There are so many details, balancing the costs and otherwise, and my brain has kind of turned off. Again, thank goodness he is on it!!!

2) What I am on is school. Good lord, am I busy there. My one especially *unique* student takes sooo much time, not just during the school day, but even afterward as I am making special accommodations for him and having informal meetings about him. Yikes! I have to say, juggling the mom role at school makes me not as efficient as well, as I'm trying to check in with P a little after school, talk with her teacher about her occasionally, and chat a bit with the parents. Gotta get a bit more organized!

3) Considered starting a Daisy troop (am I crazy or what) with some other moms, and after attending a meeting we decided to wait until first grade, as our little gals are all just getting used to school. (And I have our two upcoming moves on my mind). I had mentioned it to P a few times, to make sure she was actually interested, and she 'followed up' with me later to check on the "mom's decision," and was disappointed but OK with the choice.

4) Managed to pull a little birthday celebration for E on his big day. He had purchased a collage frame awhile back with the idea of filling with photos and putting it up at work. It's been sitting around for awhile, so P and I chose favorite pics and wrapped it up for him. After dinner out, he treated himself to an Old Navy shopping spree. Ahhh, the simple pleasures. Tomorrow night we have a little dinner get together with friends to complete the festivities.

5) My awesome girlfriend just had a baby, another is pregnant and went wedding dress shopping with my sister in law. Life events! I do love the babies!

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Hilary said...

Take some time to enjoy the roses...
and your unique student would make me want to scream.
Just fyi. :)