Thursday, August 13, 2009


Besides getting ready for kindergarten here on the home front, what else has been going on??

Well, we did go ahead and decide to buy the townhome. See pictures here. Now we've got a big to-do list before moving in. After selling our current place, we'll need to move to a transitional place for a couple of months (oh, joy), and then finally to our new home in February. With that on my plate, I neglected to have all of my Cinderella days attacking areas of the current house that need to be decluttered.
Guess I'll have some late nights ahead of me!

Have you ever found, the busier you are, the more you seem to be able to get done? Guess it is a momentum thing.

We also had my much younger (9 year old, to be exact) half sister staying with us for about a week. It was fun to try and channel my 'inner tween.' I put together a big craft kit for her to do during down-time and also stocked up on American Girl and Discovery Girl magazines. Quizzes! I tivo'd her favorite shows and we watched 'Her Best Move,' an ABCFamily Channel soccer movie. (Little sister either wants to be a special education teacher, professional soccer player, or chef, upon growing up.) I think her favorite thing was all the computer time, however! We swam, went to the academy of sciences in SF, hiked, went to the Children's Discovery Museum in SJ, shopped and went out to dinner. I think she had a good time!

Now that she's gone, this week has been all about getting back to business. I returned to my classroom Monday for the first time, and loved getting reacquainted with my room. Now that the novelty has worn off though, I hear the clock ticking and am realizing how much I have to get done. It's a bit of a rude awakening after a pretty stress-free summer. Again, thank goodness I actually love my job! I have a new student teacher who I will meet next week.

Oh, and I have gained, like 10 pounds this summer, from eating and being lazy! I'm doing all my awesome camouflage tricks and have moved into my big pants. Thank goodness the new school year will kick my butt!

We are also takin' care of business at home. We've done P's shots and have her five year old check up today. We've also gotten haircuts and had dentist visits. Check, check, check!

At the end of the day, I am collapsing in bed with my stack of magazines. Bliss! (Loving getting P back to early bedtime!) Last night, my girlfriend and I saw Julie and Julia and loved it!

What's new with you??

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Hilary said...

Mmmm sounds like fun!
I have gained 10 pounds too, if that makes you feel any better?