Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy August!

I just opened my yahoo browser and the 'theme' (a la google) is an animated school bus and school house! Shouldn't that be for September???????

Just got home from our Las Madres Summer BBQ. Everybody had a blast! We have a bunch of former teachers in the group, so it was filled with activities. We had stilts (the kid kind using cans and strings), play tents, did tattoos, made ice-cream, and enjoyed a delicious buffet. Lorrie put together a movie chronicling our group from birth to age five - tears! We (I) have misplaced our camera charger, and have ordered a new one. Therefore we have no pictures of this fine event. Hoping someone will email me a few group shots!

I am planning a 'Get Ready for School' series I think starting on Monday! E and I are spending almost every spare moment we have together debating the 'great house dilemma.' We have not been on the same page, but amazingly have had very good, respectful discussions. Stay tuned!

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Hilary said...

Mmmm, that should be a really fun 2 weeks. Have you guys gone out with a realtor. Maybe tell them each of your "wants" and see if they can come-up with a happy medium?