Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to School - Command Center Update!

(This was fun to make - a little color for P's bulletin board)

Not pretty, but I think it will be functional! Here is the end result - 'so far.' There is no 'before' picture, but take it from me - this is an improvement. We repurposed some bulletin boards, got some adhesive hooks, played with some lettering and file folders, and wa-lah! First pass at our command center. (Calendar not pictured).

This is P's board. Half of the board is designated for school stuff, the other half for 'everything else.'

We'll use this I think for her homework, as well as any other papers that need to be turned in.
These bags are just for 'show.' One for her backpack, and one for her library bag. Above is a to-do list chart for us, as we are preparing to sell and move!

My measly bulletin board. The little basket stows her 'home' school supplies - totable from room to room.

Do you have a command center? (I defined this to P as a 'Taking Control' area). Share, please! My Back to School posts are receiving very little love!! Time to move on???


Hilary said...

Great idea. We keep all the papers in their backpacks, or on a clip on our white board... Do you think the folder thing would last? My kids would rip that apart probably before I turned around.
But I have boys....

Life is what you make it said...

Hilary, I do not think the folder thing will last! : ) I re-thought it, and am going to get a 'hanging slot' to set up on the wall next to the bulletin board. The folder will go inside.