Monday, August 24, 2009

Paige's First Day of Kindergarten!

She did it! Miss P made it through her first day of kindergarten. Her preschool was nice, but very minus the bells and whistles, so we've been excited for this new adventure.

I had a very 'working mother' experience. The three of us got ready together at home in the morning, and then E took P out for a special 'first day doughnut,' while I headed into school alone. I had to miss taking her into her classroom and witnessing those first few minutes, as I had my student teacher to connect with and my students arriving.

Strangely though, I didn't really mind. I already am so familiar with her classroom, and kind of could close my eyes and imagine the general experience. Besides, P and I share so many special experiences, it was nice to see E have a chance to take the lead and make his own memory with her. Being together at the same school, I know we'll have a lot of time together.
When Kindergarten dismissed at 10:10 (!), E and P came to tell me everything in my classroom, then walked back across the playground to get this shot in front of her room.

Tomorrow is another big day - P's 5th birthday! We have decorated the dining room with balloons and a banner as a breakfast surprise. My mom is picking her up from school and taking her to lunch and shopping for a new outfit. After I pick her up, we'll go home to open presents, play, and have her request - a spaghetti dinner. In lieu of Ed or I making a cake for her, she requested a 'Kara's cupcake,' so that will be our dessert. Saturday is her big birthday party and I hope it goes well! We are having it at a kids' cooking school, which I thought would be simpler on me, but as I have less control, I am now worrying about what might go wrong!


Hilary said...

I am really loving all this S-free time this AM. 10:10 was rediculous. :)

The Mrs. said...

Such a big girl! Landon starts preschool in a few weeks!