Friday, August 21, 2009


So reality is starting to hit that I am working full-time! This is scary, as even as a part-timer, I was a workaholic. In my last few years (as part-time), I basically got in early, worked, picked up P in the late afternoon, with just enough time to go home and start the dinner dance. Then, a little playtime, bath, and bedtime routine. Then, after P was in bed, I often pulled out more work. After that, it was making lunches and preparing/packing up for the next day until I collapsed with 30 minutes to an hour before sleep (on a good day). That was Mon, Tues, Wed. Is every day going to be like that now for me??? Back then, I at least had Thursday and Friday (and the weekend!) to recover. I would love to make a pact with myself that I will leave by 4:00 every day. Or that I'll stay late just one day a week, and then I won't bring work home.

In other news, I am excited to attend two birthday parties tomorrow. One for my niece who is turning one. Woo hoo! It is a Luau-themed party. The other for a good friend's son turning five. His party is a pirate theme. I love birthday parties!!! Miss P's is next weekend. (Back to ranting. I have some negative relatives. Sadly my niece keeps telling Miss P, "my mom doesn't want me to go to your birthday party." Nice.)

Anyway, I have one thing going for me routine-wise. Two of my girlfriends and I are doing weekly jogs at the Campbell track. So I've got that going on tomorrow, and then the b-day parties. Sunday, I will be going into my classroom to finish up in the morning (school starts Monday!), and then I think we'll do something special with Paige to round out the last day before school.

I think my big theme this school year will be to strive to keep connected with Miss P and E, throughout the stress that our new schedules will demand. And continue to be the hands on parent I've always been. And to stay sane!

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Hilary said...

Drew's need to stay late and do extra seems to decrease each year. I don't know if he's just got it down so he can go faster, or if he is caring a bit less.
I think it's a smart idea to stay til' around 5 or 6 one day a week and leave at 4 the other days. Then, plan to grade papers a couple of nights after P's bedtime.
Word on the street, these little full-day-K'ers are pretty dang tired. I bet she'll be going to bed pretty darn early, so you'll want to spend some time with her while you can. :)
And maybe find some time to get another teacher to co-share with you next year? :)