Saturday, April 4, 2009

Playgroup Egg Hunt 2009

So the party pretty much went off without a hitch. There were only two casualties....two little boys who ralphed near the end from too much tire swing. Happily, they each recovered after a hosing off and short rest and were back in action soon!
I was a bit nervous in the a.m. because we realized the night before that our beloved 'Doggy' was missing in action. I determined that when we were at the bank that day, Miss P must have left him in the small play area. Fortunately P isn't as dependent on Doggy these days and was fine just getting him in the a.m. However, as we went to bed, I wasn't actually as confident about Doggy presence at Chase Bank as I let on to be. Somewhow I didn't let myself worry about it until the moment of truth when we zipped down to the bank this morning at 9:00 a.m.ish. I beelined for the play area -- no Doggie. Then I got closer and peered in the book box. There he was, curled up amongst Dr. Seuss. Thank goodness!
Anyway, the egg hunt was a blast. We overplanned activities, and ended up just doing one organized game as the kids were enjoying the bounce house, play structure, sandbox, etc. And then of course was the good 'ol hunt. You can see the kids above waiting with their baskets. E and our friend's husband took off after a respectable about of clean-up time to go to a Final Four party, and my girlfriend and I hung out with the kids and enjoyed the sun the rest of the day. Then, Miss P and I headed to my mom's house for dinner. Miss P regaled grandparents with snake facts.
The snakes are a whole other story. Last night (Doggy-less) the three of us went to a joint birthday party that was a combination reptile / Stars Wars theme. New one, right? It was a brother (5) and sister (7) born on the same day. The party was in-sane. There was a 'Reptile Wrangler' (did you know that was a job title?) and a whole cast of Stars Wars Characters. Sadly, I left my camera in the car. One final note, before the birthday party (which was out of town) Miss P and I did a mother-daughter shopping spree. (In case there is any confusion - this was daughter shopping, mother buying - not a stitch of clothing for me). Anyway, Old Navy had/has the cutest stuff right now! I almost peed my pants, the clothes were so darn cute.
Between parties, Easter prep, late nights, and early mornings, I am toast right now. I am on duty tomorrow morning for church. Good night!

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Sounds like the perfect day!!