Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Monterey

So, we had a fabulous time on our Monterey trip. Not only was it fun, but educational in so many ways. Not only did we learn new facts about several sea creatures, we learned that our little family is quite...'unique.' Here are the top three things that gave me pause to reflect on our 'character.'

3. We have a penchant for knock-knock jokes. Made up knock-knocks. Miss P still hasn't gotten the hang of it and will say random things, and laugh hysterically, asking 'was that a punch line??' Actually, any style hokey joke will do. Here's one of my 'homemade favorites.' "What did one cat say to the other while on vacation? I'm having a purrr-fect time!" (Bum dum dah!)

2. How else did we entertain ourselves, between aquarium going, eating at Bubba Gumps, and shopping? Charades. Our second night there we camped out in front of the fireplace in the 'reading room,' with some glasses of wine, P and her coloring books. We happened upon some older folks from NY who were also on Spring Break and were teachers. We just all seem to find each other. Anyway, after a great chat with them, E and I did a few fun rounds of charades with P. How often do you see a family, out in public, acting out Snow White eating the poison apple, Giselle falling into the well, or Mulan defending her country?

And 1. Possibly the oddest...our adventures with 'Sage.' Miss P loved the aquarium and loved the trip. But she had a few moments of homesickness. You see, we drove down just for the afternoon initially, without clothes for us (we did have a spare set for P), or P's beloved 'Doggy.' On a lark, as the earlier post tells, we decided to spend the night, and one night turned into two. We ran to Longs and The Gap for necessities and enjoyed winging it, for the most part.

However, Miss P missed her home, special things, and routine a bit. That's where Sage came in. To distract her from homesickness, we invented a character - Sage - who was 'after us.' We were a bit fuzzy on her purpose. I think she was a bit like Dora's Swiper. She wanted to infiltrate and take P's doll (now, as I write this, it sounds terrible! I thinkn that was P's idea.) Anyway, we devised several missions to protect ourselves and belongings from Sage, and Miss P loved the action and excitement. (It also helped move her quickly.) The hotel wasn't busy, and had this one really wide curving staircase that had a glowing jellyfish type chandelier over a vast landing. We did a fair amount of hang out time there, getting out wiggles and completing training for future Sage missions.

Paige training above.

E training using the most available form of free weights.

E practicing his 'moves.'

Miss P practicing her dancing moves.

Wouldn't you love to have us as your hotel guests?
How is your family unique?

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