Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do you have your pets, er, I mean kids?

So tonight, E is working late, and after a long day for me and P, we decided to hit Pizza m$ Heart for dinner. There was a couple of women there with four children, who looked between 2 1/2 and maybe 5. The four kids were sat together and the women sat at a different table at the other end of restaurant. Now, it's not a big place, and I'm all for sitting the kids together. But not to be at an adjoining table seemed, a tad, questionable. The moms kind of watched the kids at first, but then a man joined them and they got busy in conversation. By now, the kids were tired of sitting, and started to run in circles around the place. I watched, as one mom made some half-hearted efforts to check on the kids, slowly rising and glancing around when they were out of vision. The next thing I know, Miss P says - pointing at the front door, "Hey mommy, someone just left without their owner!"


LAM said...

Good one P.

Hilary said...

Sometimes I feel like an "owner" :)
NOT cool of the parent though. I'm big on learning that restaurants are a special place that requires special behavior. Of course, I dont know if my children will ever see one again now that we have 3. :)

Hilary said...

Hey, what's kindergarten observation? Do I need to haul myself out of my house to go to that? I'd have to find some normal looking pants, and that is not an easy task. ;)

Hilary said...

Thanks for the info, Pili and I were thinking that's what it was. Spencer's already SO excited for orientation.
Seriously, how are these kids 5?
It is killing me.
And yet delightsome at the same time. ;)
Hey, if you ever want to email me my email's hilaryanddrew at
Who are you gonna pick for P's teacher next year?