Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Spring and you need new

....If you're me, you might get one or two new t-shirts if you're lucky. Then, you pull out your under the bed clothing tub marked Spring/Summer and hope for the best. Not finding much, you catch up on all your laundry and re-organize your closet and find some passable combos.

If you're Miss P, your mom makes a fantasy list of clothes you could use - tops a certain color, t-shirt dresses with leggings (because you abhor jeans). This is followed by a shopping trip to many stores, to compare and contrast, because your mom says 'we only buy what we love!' In the end, the budget gets blown a bit, - (oops, you needed shoes too) - but you'll be super cute all Spring!

1 comment:

Hilary said...

Well, if you're a little boy you just try and find pants that don't have holes in them. ;)
And let's not even talk about what it's like when you're still in maternity...
have a lovely spring break!