Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's been a sporty weekend! 


While I sometimes envy big families, wish Paige had a sibling, wonder about having a son, or miss the sweetness of a baby, having an 8 year old daughter is pretty FABULOUS.

8 year olds are ready to keep up with you, and, best of all, still want to!  Early Saturday morning the two of us met with friends for hiking.  We had three moms and six kids in our gang. The kids were running ahead, crossing creeks and scaling hills off to the side of the trail.  After our adventure, P and I stopped for lunch, and then went to my classroom to tackle my to-do list. P mostly played, but she did help some.  That night all of us (Ed included) went to see The Croods.  

Today was church.  Paige's wish each week is for me to get all my errands done while she is at Sunday School so we can have more time together, but that never works.  This evening though we got another workout in -- a run on another favorite trail.  We really pushed it.  Paige has grown so much as a runner.  Not only can she keep up with me, she is faster.  Either says a lot about her, or not much about me. : ) 

It's fun having a mini partner-in-crime! 

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Stacey B. said...

Hey, Jen! Checking out your blog after reading your comment on mine. It's good to read about someone else with a one-child family...we're still in the throes of deciding about one more or not.

Paige is a cutie!