Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What I wore (wear?) wore?

Novice in the ha-ouse.  Looking at all the OOTD and other What I wore linkups, makes the arranging/posing/photographing look so easy.  Too borrow a circa 2000 phrase - not

Picture me, first doing my laundry so that my favorites are available, then trying to squeeze in time early in the a.m., and after dinner to change into these (and other outfits). See Paige standing on furniture so she can snap the photos at the right angles, while husband shakes head.

With that, I bring you my denim diva uniform.

jeans, neutral-y top, scarf, boots/flats  or

jeans, solid color top, statement necklace. 

Two more variations of the same formula.

Despite the effort. This was fun. I'll be trying it again. Fashion on, everyone. : )

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