Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tales from the trenches

(P and I at Mornings with Mom - my face always looks tired. Is there a make-up trick for that?)

Oh, how the mighty fall.  I'm always quite proud of the fact that I'm rarely sick.  Miss P (who has inherited my healthy genes) was sick once this winter, which was unusual, and E has been sick off and on for months.  Most of my class has been or is sick.  It hit me (unofficially) this weekend.  (I say unofficially as there is no temperature, the sign of bona fide illness, nor is there a constant hacking cough) just good 'ol fatigue and a sore throat.

I've spent a little time daydreaming...what if...
I was at a chill spa for the weekend (make it 3 days).  I'd take peaceful nature walks, soak in a spa tub, and do some restorative yoga.  My meals would all be made for me, and I'd pencil in a nap after thumbing through some crisp, glossy magazines.


I was at a beach getaway.  I'd sit by the water and feel the sun on my face. I'd read my book.  After my pedicure, I'd climb atop my fluffy white bed, order room service and watch a movie.  Ahhhh...


Yesterday I found myself across town with Miss P helping her to hawk the last few boxes of girl scout cookies at 8:00 a.m.  A few hours later I was in the dirt outside searching on my hands and knees with P helping her to find snails and worms for her science fair project.  After the creatures were located (no easy feat), I helped set up conditions for them to 'race.'  I numbed my pain by watching you-tube videos of Harlem Shake for a bit, and then helped prep lined paper and headings for her board.

This morning started off with mommy guilt. Paige greeted us* (*me and a sleeping Ed) with a cheerful "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" Repeated over and over.  She wanted to head downstairs 'as a family,' for the celebration she was sure was waiting.  Gulp.  No shamrock pancakes, gold coins, or note this year.  Sorry, the leprechauns were a bit off their game. Have we done something every year? Is this a big deal? She's 8 - can I be honest?  Fortunately, Ed had left out a few quarters by P's makeshift leprechaun house.  Something. Go team!  Next on my agenda, was signing up P for swim team with all of its accompanying parent jobs. Swim team is serious business, people.  Got a phone call from a friend wanting to make sure I didn't forget to log on and and attach my name to the coveted jobs.  (One of my gigs will be serving donuts on a Monday night from 4:30 - 8:30, that's a coveted job, btw).  After Sunday School chauffeuring it was time for science fair write-up. Fortunately, P did this well on her own, so I had time to share work woes with Ed (bad) and search pinterest for some ideas for an upcoming class project (good).

The day ended nicely with an early dinner at Islands restaurant. May not have been the tropical getaway I was dreaming about.  But as I numbed my pain with rich food, I thought, 'not too bad!'

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Hilary said...

Awh, mornings with mom. I don't miss that.... ;)
Ok, part of me misses it, but not doing it.
I'm sorry you're sick. That stinks. I hope you feel up to teaching tomorrow, or maybe a spa day. :) Screw teaching, turn on a video for the little dears. :)