Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Friday

I'm sitting here in my CLEAN house, courtesy of a service I talked Ed into....(Still trying to talk him into making this a regular thing.) Feet up and a glass of ice water.  (Now if it were a diet coke, we'd really have a party!)  Upstairs are the sounds of P and her playdate acting out dramas with their dolls.  Peace for about a half an hour.

Today in my dual role as mom/teacher I managed a late alarm, a student throwing his shoe over the fence, and an earthquake drill. After school, I surveyed all the work I had to do, and ended up grabbing Miss P and her friend for a play date.  We headed home and encountered the house cleaners who had come late. Yikes. I cannot believe that in a short while I have to head BACK to school for PTA movie night. All in the name of Miss P.   I must love that girl!

BTW - This is my 600th post!

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