Saturday, August 4, 2012

So 40!

My last post may have been titled Forever 39, but I am feeling so 40! : )  Last night we had so much fun at my SIL and BIL's Baby Gender Reveal Party. (These were not yet the thing when Miss P was cooking).  : )  Anyway...
it's a boy! 

As the night wore on and beverage-themed games ensued, we knew it was time to collect our curious 8 year old and 4 year old (Mr. Cooper) and head home.

Lately we've been so busy taking apart our disaster zone office, and turning it into a modifed Mom cave, that I'm jonesing for some time just to! And watch a few of the following shows on TV.

Yes, this is turning into a TV post. Move over Housewives and Olympics, here comes some new HGTV programs.

Natural Born Sellers is a cute show about a Sourthern Ca family including Glorie Lee, Rick, and twins Julianna and Marissa who are all realtors.  Glorie Lee is kind of a quirky, Southern-seeming dame (think like a thinner Paula Deen type, but a realtor), and Rick is the 'straight man' to her colorful personality.  The twins are darling and funny, and feel like they could be your friends.  Each episode finds the parents helping out one client, while the twins help another.  The family all comes together a few times per episode to assist each other and collaborate.
Today, Saturday, also marked the premiere of season 3 of Pioneer Woman! Woo hoo! My episode is waiting patiently to be viewed a la DVR.  Also I'm planning to check out Home by Novogratz (also premiering tonight) as they visit Pioneer Woman with two of their  daughters to re-do PW's attic for her two girls. (Got that?)

We have to make yet another trip to IKEA. (arrghh!) Looking forward to curling up with my 40 year old simple pleasures soon! 

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