Saturday, August 11, 2012

Miss Paige's birthday part 1

I didn't want to have a party this year.
Miss P technically doesn't turn 8 for a few more weeks, but we traditionally host her b-day bash in early (or mid) August before we are crazed with teaching.  This year, between the new dog and house stuff, I just wasn't feeling it.  Could we just do a fun outing instead? 

No. A party was requested. So a (small) party we had. We got a few school friends together for a swim soiree at the pool.

Ed and I demo a game.  'Awkward!' Paige can't stand to watch.

Palm tree pudding snacks made by Miss P.

Treasure jump.

Bundtini blow-out!

So (at first), I didn't want to have a party. But aren't the smiles always worth it?

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Laurie @ said...

those palm tree puddings are adorable!