Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daughter Day!

After a stressful week re-entering work life, Paige and I had a much needed Mother/Daughter Day! 

This girl and I love each other so much.  A few weeks ago we were walking Cooper before bedtime and she was talking about her dream house. This led to a conversation about her growing up and leaving us someday.  Tears followed (from her, not me!) P said she never wanted to leave us, and that if she did, she would have to live next door.  I told her I was all for it!

Back to our fun day, we hit Barnes and Noble first, and I splurged on some stuff for school and a few magazines.  Paige got a new book that's been on her list. I told her, no more new books until you finish what you already have! Like mother, like daughter. : )

We had a delicious lunch at CPK, their menu has expanded with some yummy new items. We, however, got our standard favorites.

Strangely, the stores we went to seem to be in a really in-between stage: not a lot of inventory, half Summer, and a little Fall. Aren't the back to school wardrobes usually ready to go by July?  (Perhaps Old Navy isn't the best example?) : )  The plan was just to get one outfit for the first day and return in few weeks/month to really stock up.  Instead we got four cute tops. Three out of the four have dogs on them. We did not get the sparkly $40 crewcuts purse above that Paige was longing for. 

Today a run (for me), grocery shopping, a possible matinee, and a pool playdate are on the list. Are we trying to fit every last ounce of summer? Yes!

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