Friday, August 10, 2012

Girlfriend Day

Please excuse this unceremonious partial reveal of my new Mom Cave.  I have no 'before' picture. Basically, just imagine a room with old mismatched furniture and the door always closed to hide all the extra stuff that had no home. 

Today one of my besties came over and we celebrated big!  This was kind of a belated b-day for me. When she and her kiddos came over, the mom cave was rocking with tunes and the ice bucket was filled with our favorite beverages. While the kids played, we cozied on the couch, enjoyed our refreshments, discussed the need for a disco ball, and chatted. Exactly what the mom cave was meant for!

Later we all went out to lunch, treated the kids to ice cream, and then returned for more mom cave-ing. My friend's daughter and Paige are besties also, so everyone was in heaven. Day turned to evening and we had pizza, with Ed joining in on the fun. 

Here is to many more days and nights spent in the mom cave!

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