Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend update

Great weekend! Ed and I had an impromptu date when Miss P was invited to a grandma sleepover. We rode our bikes to a wine bar (no one was saying, 'keep pedaling!' 'good job!' or 'a little to the left') and later had dinner out. In between we caught up on a lot of conversation. We are looking forward to our next date night in 2013 and I'm feeling reassured that E and I will have something to do when P leaves us (11 years from now??)

At the end of date weekend we joined four other families for a 49er party. Oh, so close! Heartbreak in overtime. All 9 kids had a blast.

Moms did too!

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Emily said...

Date nights are so few and far between at our house. Good for you!

Thanks for saying hi! You are so sweet!