Tuesday, January 31, 2012

super sandwich!

I'm still chasing my tail, but I'm at least taking breaks to cook meals again. (I have not taken a break to improve photography skills.) 'Sandwiched' between all the craziness, Ed and I had that date a couple of weeks ago which inclued a bike ride to a wine bar. There, I had a delicious panini, which I've recreated with some success above.

Grilled Goat Cheese and Salami sandwich


rye or sourdough bread

goat cheese




Lightly butter both sides of the bread and toast on a griddle. When lightly toasted, set aside and spread desired amount of goat cheese. Add salami. Assemble sandwhich, put back on griddle, and cook a little longer. Press down a bit on both sides of sandwhich with spatula as you cook.

I find this sandwich goes well with a sliced apple. Enjoy!

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Hilary said...

I hadn't thought of putting goat cheese on a sandwich, but it sounds o good... I even have some from Costco...