Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday Night Chef

Remember how you used to be up cramming for classes? I've been doing the mom version of all nighters -- Sunday night meal prep. The last two Sundays I've spent between 5 and 11:00 p.m. doing the following (with breaks for childcare).

1) cooking dinner
2) cleaning kitchen
3) making lunches (by the way, it takes Ed more than 30 minutes to make two lunches when it is his turn. How? Why?)

And then...

1) Roasting a chicken, shredding, and tupperwaring it. (Like my new verb?)
2) Cooking up a pound of pasta. Tupperwaring.
3) Baking muffins for breakfast. Saran Wrapping.

The pasta gets doled out for lunch and dinner servings as needed. The chicken is added to salad, tacos, etc. Tonight we enjoyed what Ed has dubbed: Mama's Big Tacos. I do make a good taco.

Rachel Ray has a feature in her magazine this month involving making 20 dinners in two big sessions. Little much for my fridge. Do you meal prep??


Hilary said...

How do you roast teh chicken, just in your oven? I'm thinking about at least getting a rotisarie one every time I'm at Costco.

I should meal prepare better, at least I coudl jsut get extra hot all at once. :)

Jen said...

Yes, just in my oven. Getting one from Costco is a good idea. I have a simple chef cookbook that suggests doing that...

The Mrs. said...

Busy Mama! I think I may have to try your recipe!