Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stinson Beach and SF Giants!

We had an amazing time on our Stinson Beach getaway! I am such a water girl. There is nothing like sitting and staring at the ocean. Unfortunately in Northern California, you have to drive over some kind of curvy hill or mountain to get to any beach. This was definitely the longest and windiest, but it was worth it! White sand, clear water, and our days were WARM!
I think all of us needed some to do nothing except walk along the beach..
play in the sand...
and build sand castles. (Cannot take credit for this one though!)
We had some amazing dining experiences. We lunched at Surfers Grill right on the beach, and had dinner at the Sand Dollar. Good food, live music, eavesdrop-worthy conversation and interesting people all around. Our server was very friendly and called us the 'Stripes Family.'
Breakfast was at this cute place called Breakers, conveniently located next to the darling Stinson Beach Bookstore. Ed had to drag Paige and I out of there so we could head down to SF and the Giants game!
The Giants have such an awesome location and stadium. It is a party!
The team is barely holding onto first place, and has had a lot of bumps and losses this season. This day, they won -- was it 8 to 1, or 9 to 2? I don't remember, but it was a big win, and THE WEATHER - it was 80+ degrees - crazy!
Stinson Beach - we'll be back!

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