Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get Fit for 40 update

I never shared my get fit by 40 plan. I'm sure everyone has been waiting breathlessly. I'm a little tired to post it all now, but the first month entails:

runs 3x a week
yoga or strength training 2x a week
healthy, balanced, low-fat, non-processed breakfast every morning

Next month I will keep up these plans and add the next phase, etc.

Here's a little food for thought (for me):

Push yourself. Pledge to do one thing that's uncomfortable each day, whether its knocking off five push-ups or replacing the fries you love with the green veggies you don't. This 'constructive discomfort,' is an investment to get what you really want. It's like building mental muscle -- it's called self-discipline.

It is so hard for me to break out of comfortable habits! I am back at work this week, up and at 'em early. Late this afternoon, I had a craving and broke into a box of junior mints. I felt so guilty afterward! I'm hoping I make a better choice next time. I did get a decent run in tonight. Babysteps!

1 comment:

Hilary said...

I really like that quote.
I need to do more of that.
Right after I catch up on sleep...