Friday, August 19, 2011

One week down

Made it through the first week of school! There have been tears, vomit, and pee (apologies to my more delicate readers), HOWEVER, it has been one of the best first weeks in my 10 year teaching history. I'm not sure how much is due to a few small tweaks I've made to routines, how much is luck, and how much is due to just my general fabulousity! : ) Kids are 'getting it', responding well, following directions, and are laughing and happy. Let's hope this continues!

Miss P had a great first week also. Although, there have already been two occurrences of 2nd grade girl meaness. One friend, "H," asked Paige to help her avoid another friend, "N." The parent of a classmate of Paige's told me after school today that another girl had told her daughter, 'you aren't allowed to talk to Paige.' Her daughter was therefore afraid to talk to P or the other girls in their circle. Sheesh!

Lots of family visits and birthday parties on tap for the weekend. I am also reminded of something I read recently -- Food first. Last weekend we were uber busy before school started and I never grocery shopped. All this week we were slapping meals together. I missed breakfast. I have been a lot more motivated to be active lately, which is awesome, and a little more motivated in the food dept., but now it is time to put it in action.

In between family and food prep this weekend, I'm hoping to have some time to relax with a magazine, drink a starbucks, and play. It's still summer!

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