Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Finally doing the Christmas wrap-up! One of Miss P's big 'santa' gifts was the Karaoke player/boom box/CD player above. She l-o-v-e-s to sing and 'entertained' everyone with her Disney princess Christmas CD the rest of the trip.

Below is a stocking find - dis princess lip gloss. I wouldn't have gone there, but, hey, it was Santa!

With birthday twin Cousin ACR next to our little tree. ACR was 16 months on Christmas Day, Miss P - 5 years and 4 months.

And did I share that I found the coveted zhu zhu pets! The day we left for our trip I ran out to CVS at 6:00 a.m. for more gift bags (so bummed I didn't buy the adorable ones I saw at Target or Cost Plus). Anyway, I was gliding down the aisle, and lo and behold, there they were! I had initially kind of looked for them as I thought they'd be right up Miss P's alley. However, I wasn't about to get all crazy over them, showing up at Toys r Us at ungodly hours - etc. It was a Christmas treat to find them at the last minute. Right when I realized I needed just one more thing.
The rest of the holiday we spent sledding. The house we stayed at was set on a fairly steep hill. Most days we would walk out the back door of the game room, out onto to the porch, mimosas in hand, to take turns sledding and tobogganing down the hill.

P was hard to get outside. Similar to that transition from playing to the bathtub, first they fight it, then they love it. P would have really preferred to have spent the whole time in the game room, in front of the fireplace, watching a movie and drinking hot chocolate (and she did a lot of that!)
However, mean parents that we are, we insisted that she suit up and join us for at least an hour each day. She doesn't often like trying new things, so we really have to coax her. I was actually surprised how much she ended up enjoying the sledding. She even did some sledding on her own, and she is not a risk taker.

Here she is, read to start!

The climb back up the hill was not always fun!

This photo squeaked in out of order. This is Miss P on the morning of the last day. It's snowing!
P and I sledding - house in the background.

And back up the hill we went.
And that was Christmas!

We had a blast on New Year's as well. By then we were back home and we hosted a little party with two other families. Food was yum (apps and fondue), kids behaved (old enough to all be in a big 'coloring phase' - they made some cute resolutions. Our friend B said he wants to 'learn to juggle.' Paige initially said "I resolve to learn NOTHING!" I don't know if I admire her rebelliousness, her contentedness with herself, or if I'm frustrated with her lack of drive, but that was what she came up with, and she was sticking to it! She later said that she, 'resolves to have more play-dates in 2010.' Are you getting a good picture of her here? :) ) Anyway, I'm excited with my resolutions for 2010 and will post those next!

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Hilary said...

Did you haul her up that mountain on your back?
You are a better mom than me.
Coming to my party on Sat?