Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve

This year, Christmas found us in Tahoe with all of E's siblings and their families. The house was definitely alive with children and busy-ness. It was a comfortable spread, three levels, built on a hill, so kind of a 'reverse floor plan.' You enter at the top floor, which is the main living area with a nice size kitchen expanding into a big great room. Go down a flight of steps and you find yourself on the floor with all of the bedrooms. One more flight down takes you to the game room that has a deck.

We spent the first evening settling in, and my sister-in-law, the cook, got P busy attempting to squeeze enough oranges to make juice. Poor kitchen-deprived P loved the activity (more on the kitchen stuff in my resolutions post.)
The next morning we woke up excited for Christmas Eve. I love the days leading up to Christmas, so much anticipation, and everyone is excited and merry. We went with E's sister and her boyfriend to Heavenly ski resort and did some ice skating.

Of course,there was some hot chocolate involved. We also made the world's smallest snow woman.
She's having a bad hair day, hence the non-smile.

The day ended with everyone cooking and/or making holiday crafts to deck the halls for Santa's visit!

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Hilary said...

It's amazing how bad one's hair can look when in an area with snow. I'm with Paige.