Tuesday, December 29, 2009

P's class party

We are recovering from Christmas and our Tahoe trip! P is playing across the street at a friend's house. We have a fire going, E is dismantling the tree and I'm trying to make sense of our laundry, etc. E just entered our room, and said in mock shock, 'Ack! I can actually move around!'

Before I tackle the big day, I want to commemorate P's class holiday party. I was across the way, leading my own class's 'snowman celebration,' so I missed the whole thing. I thought I'd be more sad. But you know what, I was fine. E was there as the requisite parent, so I was happy. It's interesting, I think its a combination of the fact that I know P's teacher and her party routine pretty well, and I've done so many playgroup celebrations with P, that it is almost a little 'been there, done that.' I was thrilled to get the pictures though!!!

Here's our girl on the right with a couple of friends. There is such a fun group of kids in this class.
The class. P's class is a rainbow, with Chinese, Hispanic, French, Scottish, and Indian students. Miss P is mostly Irish. I'm sure I'm leaving out some other ethnicities as well.

Game time.
sweets, treats, and coloring.
Ho, ho, ho. Kindergarten is toooo cute!
Kids did a version of a yankee gift swap. (No stealing allowed!) Miss P gave a fab Melissa and Doug Grinch puzzle with those nice, thick pieces. She 'got' a nice fleece snowman blanket. A fitting end to the festivities.

I left my classroom cleaned up, but still halfway in holiday form, in my eagerness
to get outta town and start vacation! Came home and promptly went to sleep on the couch. We had my family's holiday get-together and then E's over the weekend, hosted my brother and sister-in-law and their kids one night. Monday and Tuesday we caught up with friends, wrapped gifts, made our trip to-do lists, and shopped for snow gear, and did laundry.

Coming up- Tahoe!!!

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