Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Updates

My blogging has taken a backseat to school craziness! Here are some random notes about the first week and a half in no particular order. Please *feel free* to comment!

1. So far, Miss P's backpack, and now library bag, have made it home safely and to their hooks in my 'command center.' Appropriate notices have been posted and all paperwork has been returned the next day. Yay, me!

2. However, Miss P's lunchbox has been 'lost' twice in one day (today). First, she left it out in front of her classroom (as I think many of the students do). When a kind friend/acquaintance saw it after school, and noticed my classroom was dark, she promptly turned it in to the lost and found. Meanwhile, another parent had picked up P and she was playing nearby on the structure, and I had left the classroom to go to the restroom or some such nonsense. When the parent saw me and realized this, she ran back to get it. I brought P into my classroom around this time to finish some work, and she then left it there on a desk. Oh! She is not good at remembering her belongings. Methinketh someone(s) have been 'helping' her too much.

3. With Miss P's party *&&$ last weekend, I basically had no weekend. Couldn't believe how fast Monday came!!!

4. I am basically working all the time right now. Every day and every night almost. Uncle!!!!

5. I am surviving on my starbucks mochas. I drink them decaf or half-caf. It's the comfort (and the chocolate) of the drink that I crave.

6. I'm quite bummed that I can't play the SAHM routine and volunteer in P's class all the time like I envisioned. I know I'm being ridiculous, but I feel very out of the loop with her class. I mean, her teacher tells me stories all the time about how she is doing, and I can go in there pretty much any time and see her work. I guess it is the 'unimportant' stuff - the social - that I feel a little weird about. I know two moms in the class, and they are both really nice. I think what it is, is, a lot of these moms, (including a few moms in the other classes) live right in the neighborhood and have known each other for years. Some have older siblings at the school, others don't. But anyway, they are all like family, and pick up each others kids and do dinner together a bunch, etc. It reminds me of my Las Madres group friends. Anyway, I feel kind of awkward, as I'm not used to being an 'outsider' or newbie. I have decided to plan a MNO for the moms in the class to get to know each other. I talked to the two moms I know (who I think have signed up for room parents) to see what the 'protocol' was, as I was afraid to step on anyone's toes. They pretty much said, 'go for it!' So we'll see....

7. P is constantly writing and drawing. She is not the most advanced in this area, but I am glad she enjoys it. She is very ready for kindergarten!

8. I am craving a better, more balanced routine. One that includes some exercise, family play time and a good dinner during the week. Maybe after Back to School Night next week!


Hilary said...

K, seriously -- when are you gonna exercise? I guess in the AM (which is when I do it).
I'm picking up tomorrow after school, come hang out with me -- we'll talk with the moms. I know that Mrs. Ross's always done a MNO with her class, totally normal.
I just can't imagine working full time. You're a rockstar. You'll be in the groove soon, don't you worry.

debra said...

I love the idea of a MNO for the moms in your daughter's class.

Hang in there!