Sunday, September 27, 2009

A peek into our mornings...

So the other day, I just had to stop and take a picture of a typical day's worth of stuff P and I carry down two flights of stairs, out the door, across the quad, and down the walk from our condo to our car.

Fortunately, Miss P has graduated to a place of carrying her own backpack and lunchbox - but what's all that other stuff? The sad red leather heap is my worn-out, overstuffed purse, the Target bag was carrying god-knows-what supplies for my classroom, the basket with Corduroy book was the visiting bear from P's classroom (with accessories), and the pink gym bag holds P's swim stuff and my workout gear for her after-school lesson.

Can you hear the tiny violin playing?? : ) I know I should pack up the night before, but I'm typically ready to drop at that time.

Positive note: We are excited about moving to our house with garage!

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Hilary said...

Hello, you're going to work and dropping your kid off at the same time -- I'd come with a load of stuff too. :)
Loved Teddy Bear picnic day -- very fun.