Saturday, September 19, 2009


Girlfriends have been on my mind lately. I am so blessed to have to have many, and they are so crucial to my life. I rank 'em up right up there with my husband almost - seriously. On Friday night, we had a gathering where we ate too much (need the awesome cheese bread recipe which apparently includes a whole stick of butter???), drank, talked and laughed so hard. I am lucky to be in a place where I am no longer (or not currently) experiencing any girlfriend drama - you know, toxic friends, or high school like antics. Just amazing support and fun, fun, fun.

However, growing up, and even into my twenties I experienced plenty of the negative above and it still is a little painful to remember. I had the jarring realization that I'm about to go through it again, as I observe P at school and all the little girl complex social interactions. A few times when I've observed her left out it just about killed me. Luckily, in the 19 days of school we've had so far, she has already made multiple friends. In my helicopter-esque mom role, I've already extended three playdate invitations to families of little girls she's connected with, and the first one occurred today. It was a huge success, and it makes me so happy to see her experiencing the awesomeness of a girlfriendship.

Someone close to my just experienced a major girlfriend letdown, and again, that makes me sad. It's also amazing - whether you are six or sixty - you have just about the same reaction when you aren't invited to the big birthday party.

I happened to read an article yesterday, in which a woman's husband was experiencing some anxiety/depression during his 30's when life was all about just work and child-rearing. His therapist's (somewhat unconventional) advice? Go out with friends - as a couple or on his own - a couple times a week, as a unique form of therapy. I got to thinking - it is hard to be stressed when you are hanging with friends. Similar to exercising x number of days a week, or sitting under a sun lamp, exposing yourself to the unique laughter and companionship of good friends frequently is life changing.

So, here's to friends - if you have great ones, cherish them. If you don't, get out there and make some! (And get your spouse to make some too! Believe me, they'll be much happier!)

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Hilary said...

I agree. My friend are entirely my therapy. I love gonig on walks with them, because you not only get the stress relief of being together, but you also get the endorphins of a workout. :)