Wednesday, September 9, 2009

moms rock!

Lately, I have been on the receiving end of favors from various moms. I love that we moms are motivated to help each other. That's one of the many things I cherish about my Las Madres group, and I am finding a similar caring attitude at my elementary school.

Case in point, this morning, while walking in to school with Miss P, we ran into another mom and her daughter, who is another student (and a friend) in P's class. I remembered that I forgot one (of many) bags in the car, and the nice mom offered to have P stay with her and even suggested that she walk P into class along with her daughter. This was a godsend as my student teacher is not in on Wednesdays, so I play my 'in two places at once' game. Namely, I should be standing in my doorway right at 8:20 a.m. Instead, I'm dropping off P in her room, and back at my door at 8:23.

Last week, when E was late picking up Miss P, another mom took P to the ice cream line, and offered to stay with her on the playground. A third mom invited P to a playdate at her house last week, and the child then asked P for another playdate tomorrow. And yet another mom watches P after school on the playground for an hour on some Tuesdays and Thursdays when E can't make it.

To top it off, my own mom watched P tonight so I could lead my Back to School Night, and E could attend P's.

I am tired, but filled with gratitude for these wonderful moms!

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Hilary said...

I think it's most important to realize that we're all in the same boat -- just trying to make it through...
And jeepers it was hot in the playground today!
Your P and mine had a nice chat. :)