Thursday, September 3, 2009

More odds and ends

So you've gained about 10 pounds? What's a girl to do? Why, Spanx of course. I've had to sport them a few days recently in order to fit into my khakis! Too bad its been about 90 degrees! Not a good combo.

In other news, my class is just lovely this year. However, I'm dealing with a certain situation that is giving me a run for my money. Wish I could discuss. I'm quite proud of myself, though. My already mad teaching skills are being sharpened by the day!
I realized the other day that I most feel like a grownup when I'm in my classroom. I think because I'm juggling so much responsibility (I have a student teacher too) and feel competent there.

Speaking of competence....this afternoon my doll of a friend, Alaina - AKA superwoman - asked to pick up P and bring her back home for a playdate with her son, little M. Fortunately for me, little M is in my class. I arrived at her (always) spotless home in time for a little mommy playdate before A had to leave to pick up her oldest for soccer practice. So, A has three kids (22 months, 5 and 8), works part-time as a teacher (worked full-time at her mom's summer daycare program during those months), and still keeps everything running, never complains, and is always cheerful. Upon my arrival, I saw a little tin of 'rustic peach tarts' that she and the kids had just whipped up. Verdict - delicious!

And so the 10 pounds will stay a little longer. Who can resist peach tarts? Ahem. Rustic peach tarts!

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Hilary said...

Well... many moms have the apperance of having it together, but totally don't.
It's true.
Rustic peach tarts though, maybe she IS perfect...