Thursday, June 4, 2009


Lest it appear that I am 'all party,' let me share the news....
I will be working full-time next school year!

I have been part-time and loving it since Miss P was born. The first two years I was 80%, and then once she hit two and became really fun, I downshifted to 60%. It has been 'the life,' let me tell you. Three days of teaching, and then two days of fun with P and our playgroup friends, then two days of weekend.

There have been challenges. I had a different partner almost every year, as some people used me as a stepping stone to full-time, while others had more children and needed to stop working. I had two people (two years in a row) leave on maternity leave, and I spent a lot of time training each person. All in all, I did more than my percentage would suggest.

But having the time home with P was/is so worth it. And the older she got the more delightful it became. I often felt a little guilty because our days were so much fun. Here's a sample: hit the gym in the a.m. before E leaves for work, shower, do breakfast with Paige. Clean up a bit. Check in with girlfriends. Pack picnic lunch, grab P and meet girlfriends and their children at the park (with Starbucks). Play with kids, have lunch. Maybe hit the library/bookstore on the way home. Perhaps read stories or play dolls. Make dinner. Done! Although I occasionally use half of one day for cleaning (and do like a clean house), I've always felt that the point of staying home with kids was to focus most of your time on building your relationship with them. I figure people who work full-time find other times to clean, do errands, etc. so I rarely make my time at home all about that. It's always been playdates, museums, parks, libraries and zoos.

Anyway, I digress! I have had the same partner two years in a row, and was happy to stay part-time indefinitely, even though Miss P begins full-time kindergarten in the Fall. My plan had been to spend half a day (Thurs?) once a week volunteering, and the rest of that day planning/prepping ahead for my own classroom, and the other day (Fri?) in a 'homemaker' role. However, when someone announced retirement recently, my teaching partner decided she needed to grab the plum spot to ensure a place for her at 100% in the future. I knew immediately I would also go 100% in my kindergarten position. No more partners!

After some time to process, I feel really good about it. My one major concern was that I wanted to be able to still volunteer in Miss P's class next year. I've figured it out! I will take two half days off a month off (using same sub each time, I already have plans ready), and use that time to participate in P's class. I figure twice a month is respectable!

E and I are very excited about the 'raise,' and are already plotting and planning how to use the money. First on our list next year: housekeeper!


Hilary said...

I did every other week volunteering for C's first two years, because Spencer was still so little. It was actually perfect (plus, there's always PTA stuff you can help with after school, etc.).
I think having a new partner every year would STINK. I can see why you went full time. Genius idea.
I guess this means we can't hang-out after we drop our kids off at school. ;)

The 5 Bickies said...

Wow...this sounds like a great time to return to full time and you have a great plan for volunteering. I am looking forward to the lazy days of summer.

The Mrs. said...

I think that's wonderful! Great job and congrats! You're getting the best of both worlds!