Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting organized!

After our initial fun kick-off to summer, we have now been 'back in the routine' for a couple of weeks. I originally had many, many goals for this summer, but I have quickly realized that everyday demands are going to get too much in the way to complete everything. Add to that, Miss P is not participating in any daycamp programs, nor is there a 'granny camp' option. It is just she and me! (We do have a once a week dance class, and are starting some swim lessons at the end of July). Sheesh, we don't even have any neighbor kids for amusement, although we do have many wonderful playgroup and other friends to mix it up with.

Anywhoo, here is my modified list of goals

1) Spend time bonding and having fun with Miss P (before her exodus to Kindergarten): weekly day trips (we've done the beach and Oakland Zoo so far), the aforementioned playdates, and time alone just hangin'.

2) Help sharpen P's academic skills. She's already in pretty good shape, but as a teacher I know too much, and instead of blissfully sending her off as is (which would be fine), I can't help but make sure she goes in with all the basics firmly in place. Our school is really progressive academically, and I'm used to a lot of kids coming in with beautiful printing and counting to 100, etc. With her personality type, she will enjoy school more if she feels confident about her abilities.

3) Exercise at least 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes.

4) Clean out and organize two giant closets and a whole side of our bedroom (tons of paperwork to go through on a bookcase - yuck! want the bedroom to be a 'retreat.')

So that's the list. There are of course some other small to-do's, but these are the big main projects. Since I am not working and have just one little kiddo, who at nearly 5 should be able to be play independently for long periods of time, it seems like this list should be cake.

However, there is that whole 'daily demands' thing again. Add that to the fact that, although I'm a really hard worker, I'm not very disciplined when I'm not accountable and have lots of free time. I've made a weekly schedule (there are certain days for playdates or outings, certain days for getting things done, chunks for time for playing learning games, etc.) E thinks I'm crazy, and has not asked me to do any of this stuff, and would have no problem with me just hanging out with P and relaxing all summer, (bless him) but I would not be OK with that.

Miss P and I are having a 'Cinderella day' tomorrow, July 1st. Here's how it works: She helps me (or at leasts doesn't interrupt) for most of the day begin to tackle the bedroom (goal #4), and then in the evening we get dressed up and do something fun with our 'prince' : ). If I get way too frustrated, my back up is to do an incentive chart. She earns a sticker for a half? day of playing independently and being cooperative (letting me get my %$#@ done), and after a certain number of earned stickers, she may choose a small toy from Target.

I know most of you are not teachers, but do you have any goals for the summer? Any good strategies for attacking projects (with or w/o kids)?

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Hilary said...

Well, Drew has a schedule for the day (made by me). We have lesson, outside play inside play and time for their jobs all penciled in and we're trying to do a day trip each week based on when I'm working. So far it's doing good. Oh, an the boys each earn "stars" during the day, and if they get 3 -- in the afternoon they can play on the computer for 1/2 hour -- which is pretty much the holy grail of their whole life.