Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer line at Target

So, I am finding the cutest clothes at Target! If you can get your hands on this top:
the 'Mossimo Black Draped Sleeve Tank' - get it! It runs big so get a size smaller than usual. It hides any tummy pooch, and has a feminine, flattering neckline, all for $12.99, or whatever. I would have gotten one in all possible colors but only could find it in white. It is out of stock online! Maybe you'll have better luck...

Besides this cutey top, I saw half a dozen other things I liked, and bought a passable swimsuit, a couple of dresses for P, and my mom got me the cutest pj's there for my b-day. Check it out!

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The Mrs. said...

Just bought these in three colors!! LOOOOve!