Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm still playing catch-up! So after the final day of school, Miss P and I were hit with major allergies, which had us down for the count. I barely pulled myself together to attend a Sunday wedding at beautiful Nestldown in Los Gatos for a colleague. Monday, I headed into school again to finish up classroom cleanup. That evening while out to an early birthday dinner with a friend, another good friend called and invited us all to accompany her to...Disneyland - the next day! Turns out they had some tickets that needed to be used by that Friday.

Never ones to let down a friend : ) , we booked rooms, packed up, and left the next day at noon for two whirlwind days at the happiest place on Earth. It was so zippy that we didn't even take many photos. Going on favorite rides was the top priority, it was not a 'stop and smell the roses,' take in the sights and smells type of trip.

We particularly loved the Toy Story ride - a big favorite of our travel companions. Part of the trip's focus was to celebrate our little friend J's 5th birthday. So our experience had a boy flavor, which was a fine change of pace. Here are Miss P and Mr. J along with E and Buzz. Mr. J is wearing his 'It's my Birthday!' button.
On J's birthday, he went shopping with his mom for some Star Wars toys in the gift shop. On your birthday, you have the option of either free admittance, or a gift card in the amount of one day's admission - works out to about $50+. Anyway, while they did that, E and I waited in line with P and S to meet some fairies, such as Tink, below.

Another highlight was the Jedi training. J, like many boys his age, loves Star Wars (has not seen the movie, but you know). We thought it would be super cool to get a front row seat for the Jedi performance, and even cooler to get him in the show. At the last minute though, he thought he'd rather just watch than try out unknown tricks in front of a whole crowd. Miss P, who didn't know enough about Star Wars to be nervous, went up instead. She ended up right next to the Jedi Master.

We got home at about 2:00 a.m. Friday morning, and haven't stopped!

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Hilary said...

OMG, that's so fun. I love that picture of her in her minnie get-up next to the jedi master himself.
Jedi training was a huge highlight of our trip last year as well.
Very cool of Disney.
BTW, what's up wtih not telling us who our K teacher is? Am I not going to know until the friday before school? Really, Meg wants to kill me. I'd love to deliver her baby some day... {sigh}