Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring is not my favorite season.  It's not the allergies. I just love the other seasons more. The freedom of Summer, the coziness of Winter (and Christmas!), and the fresh start of Fall, just overwhelm little 'ol Spring in my book.

There are some things I like about Spring, and in an effort to be positive (my bum foot is literally dragging me down) : ), here are some things I'm enjoying right now.  Some are Spring related, some not.

Giants baseball! This is a game we went to the day before surgery.  Husband has made a fan out of me! : )

Swim Team. This is our second year. You know how you feel so much more comfortable once you know the ropes? That's us this year. We also have more friends that have joined the club and/or team.  Swim team forces me to leave work early and sit outside in the sun and chat with other moms, all in the name of supporting sportiness.  

New wardrobe options - bring on the sandals and sleeveless!

My kinder students are at their all time best. This is where my hard work all year pays off and they are a group of empathetic, resourceful, and creative workers who can work independently and with stamina. It's a dream.

Revenge - nope, this one has nothing to do with Spring. But Ed and I are finally watching a season and a half worth of tivo'd episodes. It's goood

So there you have it. 5 things I'm enjoying right now, in my least favorite season: Spring.  What are you enjoying? What is your favorite season?

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