Thursday, April 11, 2013

My ultra glam Spring Break

This week Miss P and I are on Spring Break.  Ed has his break a different week, so it is always a fun opportunity for Paige and I to do girly things.  I love themes, so one year our we had a 'friends and fitness,' week filled with different types of mom/daughter workouts (hikes, parent/child yoga) and playdates with our fave mom/kid duos. (We renamed our home 'Casa Fitness' for the occasion.) The next year was 'frugal fun.'  Ed was a fan of that week.

This week? Fun with Foot Surgery! : )  I've had a foot issue for awhile that an initial procedure in December did not clear up.  So I decided to take the plunge this week.  I had laser surgery on Tuesday and the humongo bandage on my left foot to prove it. 

Back to the 'fun' part.  Miss P and I had lots of fun on Monday prepping for our 'stay home in style' week. (I'm supposed to be off my feet and icing as much as possible.)  

We did a lot of browsing at Target and stocked up on all of our favorite foods, with easy meals in mind.

And we hit Barnes and Noble for the book and magazine above. There was actually quite a bit on the shelves that I was interested in (maybe for another post).  I love books like the one above.   

I also made sure Tivo was stocked with this:
Paige had her own list of must-haves, including Lego Friends, a Moshi Monster magazine and her fave Disney showsWe've been lucky enough to have some visits from friends and the week has flown by; I've barely delved into my stash.  (Partly because I've been uncharacteristically disciplined and have gotten a bunch of work done too.)

Did you have a Spring Break? How did you spend it?  What would be your must-haves for a week home of convalescing? 


The 5 Bickies said...

I like your idea....instead of sinking money in to a trip it would be fun to get a few treats, stay in town eating take out, and enjoy the place we call home!

I hope you are up and around on your foot in no time!

Adriana Hartley said...

Hi Jen! Hope your foot is healing! Your spring break home with Paige sounds wonderful. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Hope your foot heals quickly!
And RH on Tivo is a must!!