Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all....

I spent a portion of the holiday shopping at the mecca, Target, updating my minimal Spring/Summer wardrobe. As I hemmed and hawed over various maxi dresses and cowl neck tops, inspiration struck.

Around here we are big fans of House Hunters, and various other shows from the reality genre.  How about a show called 'My closet?' Picture starts with me browsing through the racks of my favorite stores (i.e., Target, with the occasional J. Crew, Anthropologie, Macy's thrown in). Of course, as I hold things up, inspecting with a critical eye, and start actually trying on items there are plenty of automatic no's. No granite countertops?is replaced with, "ooh, not flattering." I had really wanted an open floorplan for entertaining, becomes "not comfortable." And: bedrooms --too small! dress: too small!

I finally narrow down to my three top choices. Then we talk budget. I can only afford to get one! This one is so wearable, but I have others already like it. This, on the other hand, would definitely expand my wardrobe, but is it practical? I take pictures of myself in the dressing room with my iphone and text them to my handy wardrobe consultant friend/husband. I nervously await their phone call with the verdict. The phone rings and we debate the choices. You can only hear my side of the conversation. "What did you think? I have the perfect necklace for the green one."  "Then again, I felt so hip in the brown one, and it would look so cute with my wedges." Finally, we come to an agreement. "Yes, that's the one!"

Next thing you know, I'm leaving the store with my shopping bag, and a big smile. The final scene shows me modeling the new piece at home, and talking about how I made 'the right decision.'

Hahahahaha.....This is what happens when I have time on my's been a wonderful Mother's Day, complete with a nap, movie (The Five Year Engagement, which I highly recommend), and dinner with my family.

I hope you had a wonderful day too!

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