Thursday, May 10, 2012

First communion "tablescape"

So much is going on, but I always feel the urge to post 'in order' the riveting latest details of my week will have to wait. It's one big party around here, with my school's Open House Night, featuring our class play, my colleague's engagement party (which I'm helping host) and Godknowswhatelse in the coming week. 

But first things first. I had a couple of inquiries about our dessert table (seen here sans dessert!) I was inspired by I think Amy Atlas with this *design*. (This is a design, like Real Housewife Alexis is an 'anchor' on her local news.: ) But I digress.

Since our dining room wall is white, and I really wanted some color, I got this Dwell Studio fabric and just pinned it to the wall.  This was my first time trying this technique and I really liked the effect.  I filled bud vases with blue stones and twigs from the yard for the shelf above. With more time (I pulled this event together quickly), I would've liked more white vases and touches.

One thing I kind of struggle with...I always feel like my tables don't seen laden enough with food. (Again, clearly right now there is no food, but even when it was filled...) How do you get that effect with a smaller party? Flowers?

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Hilary said...

I have a friend who's big on "layers" -- she's always stacking books under her trays (and then putting the table cloth over the books). It does help. :)