Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What do you give up?

OK friends, I have a question ... Judging from my blog reading lately, you're all as busy as I am. Here's what I'm wondering: what are you letting go by the wayside?

It's the beginning of Lent, but what I'm wondering is what do you wish you had time for, that just isn't happening. Is it exercise, home-cooked meals, pursuing a career, time with friends, reading, working on your house?

I'll be forever grateful to all who comment! :)


Emily said...

Exercise is what I'm giving up. I still have baby weight to lose (< 10 lbs), but I'm having to focus solely on what I eat because I want to be focused on my boy when he's awake and with me. I've considered a jogging stroller, but the weather is just now getting decent enough for that, plus, is that really spending time with him? I can't decide.

Great question!

Veronica and Daniel said...

For me, when I get busy, the first thing to go is time with friends. It makes me sad because I love to spend time with friends, but after a long week at work, I am just exhausted and want to spend time with my hubby (and we always have house projects to work on). We are not giving up anything for lent, but are doing a special devotional for the Lent season.

Hilary said...

I wish I could give up our carnival.
BUT, I'm trying to exercise better.
I'm glad Mormons don't have lent. We already give up enough. :)
Kidding, sort of. :)

3 Peanuts said...

This is tough one as there are so many ways I could improve in my life as a Christian , as a Mom, friend, daughter and wife.

I know that my house was suffering. I used to be so organized and clean and now it is a that is one reason I am doing the 40 bags (although I am already losing steam a tad).

But for me...I need to work on my career. I know God gave me some gifts that I am not using. I have ideas and hopes but fear and lack of time have kept me from pursuing them. I have prayed for God to nudge me and He has a lot. Especially this week. In fact, I think this post was another thank you!

Also, let me know how you like that book. I am always looking for books for my clients. I do marriage and parenting coaching!


The Mrs. said...

I feel like I would love to give up some work time for exercise and more quite time. Boy would I like to give up the computer for a 4 weeks tint! LOL